Relationships matter
Change with ease, Change within


Critical mother? Difficult boss? Disrespectful teenager? Uncaring spouse?

Those relationships CAN change.

You absolutely can live in an extraordinary way.

We are happy to coach you along the path.

We would love for you to be at ease in life, genuinely happy – to
consistently experience the openness and acceptance
that abounds in your dearest relationships.
This way of living has you smile.
Life feels beautiful and expansive.
Consider what it would be like for you to connect joyfully
in each of your relationships?
To celebrate even the most difficult ones?
Wouldn’t that substantially increase your contentment and joy?
You absolutely can live in this extraordinary way.
It’s closer than you think.
We, Two Wise Women, will help you fully mature this marvelous capacity. For many decades, we each plunged wholeheartedly into academic and spiritual journeys to find out more about what it means to be a compassionate human. As we grew in our facility to live in harmony, we developed into seasoned executive coaches, authors and trainers.
Be happy, content and free. Accept our invitation to learn and thrive right alongside us.

Nancy and Sharon

Our Focus

Book Award

Be joyfully connected in all your relationships with Two Wise Women’s book and study guide, a Finalist of the Eric Hoffer Award.


Let us help you find peace in your relationships through conversations of discovery. We happily work remotely.

Coach Training

Are you ready to transform your coaching? Are you ready for a new level of effectiveness with your clientele?

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How do you get your organization to function effectively and effortlessly? We have a surprising solution.


We work around the world to help people achieve a joyful life .
Nancy Smyth
Nancy Smyth
Nancy apprenticed with an Aztec Indian Medicine Man learning to see what is invisible to our physical eyes. She integrated this unique vision into her coaching and earned the highest credential from the International Coaching Federation. Her love of people and their success makes her a not-to-be-missed companion on your heart’s journey through life. Nancy’s presence is delightfully tranquil while being powerfully transformative.
Sharon Eakes
Sharon Eakes
Sharon earned a master’s degree in psychology and was an executive leader for 20 years in the healthcare industry. Sharon is an author and co-author of several books. Since 2000, she has written a monthly coaching blog for several news media publications, including Huffington Post . As a Board Certified Coach, she helps clients understand and expand their unique gifts. Sharon’s presence is that of a wise woman wrapped in a spirit of lightness.
Noelle Matzek
Noelle Matzek
Creative and Business Consultant
Noelle has earned a master’s degree in education. She combines her love of knowledge with IT wizardry to help entrepreneurs’ businesses thrive. She is also an avid participant in the arts, currently performing as a jazz musician and singer. Noelle’s intelligence and creativity make her a skillful and marvelous business consultant for whom we are extremely grateful.
Susy Oviedo
Susy Oviedo
Creative Consultant/Graphic Design Artist
Susy is an exceptional graphic design artist. She also brings incredible value to our world as a civil/human rights advocate. Her understanding and compassionate perspectives of people produces original, beautiful work. What would we do without her? Susy makes each project magnificent. Bundles of our gratitude go to her.


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