A Heart At Peace

Will your heart be at war or at peace? You get to choose.

How are you feeling about yourself today? Snail-small, just so-so, or earthmover?

What is the impact of each perspective?

How might your feelings about yourself affect your work?

Who do you want to be?

The ultimate question: Who do I want to be?

This is a choice we make in every moment, oftentimes being unaware that we have made a choice. In Arbinger’s book, The Anatomy of Peace there is this sentence that blows the mind:

In every moment we are choosing to either be like Saladin or like the crusading invaders.

The comparison here refers to our way of being. Saladin represents a heart at peace; the crusading invaders symbolize a heart at war.

What is so interesting to us are the layers of meaning in that one sentence.

  • First, the difference between those two hearts is huge

    • Can it be true that we choose?

    • Is it either/or?

  • Second, we are making a choice at every moment.

    • Every moment?

    • Really, it is an active choice.

  • Third, that we have so much power within us.

    • We are not a victim.

    • We always have choice.

  • Fourth, our choice makes a difference.

    • We invite the world’s response to us.

    • We can influence the outcome we desire.

How aware am I of the choices I make?

Contemplate: How can I bring my heart at peace to activities and people?

The miracle is that when I live from my heart at peace in little ways throughout each day — things get accomplished. And I like myself and my life….living into my best self moment by moment — not either snail-small or earthmover, but an authentic leader who serves.

With deep respect,

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Become aware of moments of choice

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