September 11, 2015

About Us

Relationships occupy our minds and hearts. We believe you want yours to be pleasant, even amiable. We believe that you strive to be a good friend and neighbor, a great partner, a wise parent, a valued and trusted leader and co-worker. We believe if you knew how to better navigate taxing situations with others, you would do that. We know that your difficulties can be transformed. We know you can have relationships that flourish.

All the challenges in the family and at work can be solved.

From where does our surety come? Our own experience.

   Nancy: “I struggled many years with other people. I spent my teens and 20’s in anger and tears. I desperately wanted to stop hurting. I wanted others to understand me, value me. I held them responsible.”

        Sharon: “I used to wish certain other people would change. Their decisions and actions seemed wrong to me. Guess what? Those same people wished I would change. Imagine how stuck we were!”

We know what it’s like to be in conflict with others. We found that the way we had been seeing and thinking was the cause of unhappiness in our relationships. We came to understand and believe that when we learn to see with our hearts, suffering dissolves and happiness increases.

WE CHANGED. What discoveries! What a relief! What joy! We changed our way of seeing and so can you.

Between us, [Sharon and Nancy] we have practiced living unfrazzled lives for nearly 100 years. Being committed, we learned, practiced and got better over time. Our friends and colleagues asked how they could struggle less. In response, we have been helping others succeed in relationships for over 70 combined years. Two Wise Women offer you a clear path to joy and freedom.


It is the sweetest experience in the world to enjoy family, co-workers and friends rather than collide with them. We want to share this joyous way of living with you. We believe you are worthy of a life filled with contentment and joy.

We warmly welcome you and invite you to join us. We serve as professional coaches, speakers, authors and trainers.


“Peace in my heart kindles peace in the world.”


  • We both love good food.
  • We both work out regularly
  • (“I love the steam room the best,” says Nancy )
  • We are both artists
  • We both meditate
  • After each session of a course we teach together, one calls the other and says, “I love them…this is the best group ever!” And we mean it.


Below find a partial list of work experiences, speaking engagements and schooling for these Two Wise Women.

Sharon Eakes, Board Certified Coach

  • 1996 to Present   Co-owner, Hope Unlimited, LLC, training and coaching company
  • 2008 to Present   Co-leader, Choice in Coaching, Mastery Class of Arbinger Institute
  • 1996 to Present   Executive Coach, Life Coach

Presentations and Publications

  • Honing the Ultimate Coaching Advantage: The Coach/Client Relationship. A chapter in the book Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice, Springer Publishing Company, 2018
  • The Surprising Requirements of Coaching Relationships, ICF Pittsburgh, 2016
  • Fresh Views on Resilient Living, Incredible Messages Press, 2015
  • Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships, N. Smyth & S. Eakes, 2015
  • Fresh Views, monthly coaching blog 2000 – present
  • Secrets for Staying Upbeat and Energized, keynote, MARTI Conference, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2015
  • Ensnared Or Free, workshop, International Coaching Federation Midwest Conference, 2014
  • Arbinger’s Mastery Choice in Coaching Program, Arbinger Institute, 2008-2015
  • Liberating Greatness, The Whole Brain Guide to an Incredible Life, H Williamson & S. Eakes, 2006
  • Coaching as a Core Competency, workshop, Systems Thinking in Action Conference, San Diego, 2002


  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Advanced Certification – TeamsCoach University Graduate (CoachU)
  • Coach U and Corporate Coach University International – The Coaching Clinic
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Certification
  • Duquesne University, M.A. Clinical Psychology
  • University of California, Davis, B.A. English, cum laude

Nancy Smyth, Master Certified Coach

  • 2015 to Present   Institute of Integrative Coach Training formerly, Prescott College, Director of Training
  • 2010 to Present   SupporTED, Coach
  • 2003 to Present   Arbinger Institute: Facilitator, Director of Individual and Group Coaching
  • 2000 to Present   Executive Coach, Life Coach, MCC since 2006

Presentations and Publications

  • Honing the Ultimate Coaching Advantage: The Coach/Client Relationship. A chapter in the book Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice, Springer Publishing Company, 2018
  • Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships, N. Smyth & S. Eakes, 2015
  • Foundations In Business Results, MacFarlane Group, 2014
  • Ensnared Or Free, International Coaching Federation Midwest Conference, 2014
  • Anatomy of Peace, Contributing Author to Arbinger’s best-selling book, 2005
  • Arbinger’s Mastery Choice in Coaching Program, Arbinger Institute, 2003-2016
  • Coach Skill-Building for Financial Professionals, Wealth Strong International, Inc., 2008-2015
  • Leadership in Action, Khalsa Montessori School, 2012
  • ICF Southern Arizona formerly Tucson Professional Coaching Alliance, 2007, 2009, 2012
  • Getting the Desired Results, Force Health Protection Conference, US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, 2009
  • Peace is Possible: Building Community and Exploring Peace, Local Schools, 2007- 2009
  • Eliminating the Real Enemy: How Businesses Get Results, Denver Business Coaching Conference, N. Smyth & T. Krapu, 2004
  • Weave for Us a Garment of Brightness: Native American Stories and Legends, Darshan Magazine, N. Smyth & D. Blanche


  • Graduate of year-long Leadership Training, The Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, The Coaches Training Institute
  • Master Level Studies, Saint Leonard’s Franciscan Seminary
  • Theological Studies with Conrad E. L’Heureux, Ph.D., in Hebrew Bible, University of Dayton
  • Undergraduate Studies in Education Counseling, Cleveland State University & Ohio State University
  • Four-year apprenticeship in the art of physical, mental and emotional healing, Mike Valenzuela – Aztec Indian Medicine Man