Answering the call to love

Don’t put your heart on hold. Are you waiting for the right time to let someone know that you care? The time is NOW. Please don’t put your heart on hold.

Many have heard the story circulated on the Internet about one particular race a few years ago at a Special Olympics event. It is told that as the children were running, one child tripped and fell. All the other children racing ahead heard whimpering, stopped their forward course, and went back. They picked up the fallen child. Then they took each others’ hands and ran together towards the finish line. 

Children’s hearts are spontaneous. They are able to express their love with so much enthusiasm. They don’t play by rules or second-guess their hearts.

Children enjoying a group hug

In the story, the children innocently and easily saw with their hearts what to do: help the fallen child. Without hesitation, these runners’ hearts responded to something much grander than a medal for being first. No one lost; the whole group won and felt overjoyed from listening and responding to the whispers in their hearts.

  1. Can you sense in your heart the call of love?
  2. Can you feel the joy the children experienced?
  3. Who is the someone(s) who needs to know that you care? Share with them the Special Olympics story and whatever else is in your heart..

With deep love and respect for all the ways you continue to love the people in your life.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

It is time to do #3 above. Please let us know how it goes. Thank you.

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