June 8, 2021

Two Wise Women October Retreat

About the Retreat

Recently, the Two Wise Women were knee-deep in a research project with women leaders who were very generous with their shares. Their plates overflow with responsibilities at work, at home, and in their communities. We’ve heard many of the things dear to their hearts. And one loud and clear message is that leaders are stressed and overwhelmed now more than ever. Here are just a few comments: 

“I’m consumed by anxiety; continual emergencies are stressful.”

“I’m exhausted; tired to the bone, stressed.”

“I’m running on a hamster wheel.”

And you know how this wheel can spin out of control!

We’ve been asking ourselves: How can we help?

The sweet metaphor of a grandma’s love comes to mind — comfort, hugging, baking together, and eating cookies with milk — totally embraced by grandma in so many ways. 

We can’t invite each of you for hugs, cookies, and milk. However, we can create comfort and guidance, so you feel whole at work and at home.

Beyond cookies and milk

We have successfully taught people from 28 countries how to feel strong and calm through daily pressures. We have acquired this expertise ourselves over many years of practice. 

We’ve pulled out of our backpack antidotes to alleviate stress and overwhelm and are offering them in bite-sized, easily-digestible pieces.

Testimonials from people who have worked with us:

Being with Sharon and Nancy has been magical.

What worked for me was their wisdom and way of being with us.

I love the gentle way they slowly connect all the steps so my understanding deepens and widens.

They are the personification of what they teach.

If you want to be more congruent with your dreams and visions, this work is for you.

Their approach helps shift perception and promotes sustainable improvement. 

So are you ready to get off the hamster wheel
and get these types of results?

Here is our offer:

An online mini-retreat:

Antidotes to Stress and Overwhelm

only $47

Your Retreat Includes

  • Three 10-minute mind-freeing, heart-satisfying videos
    • October 25, 26, 27 (one each day for 3 days to watch on your own time)
    • Each short video is designed to give you the deep-soul sustenance found sitting in a beautiful garden. 
  • An hour-long live Zoom session to sustain the richness of the experience
    • Thursday October 28th at 11:00 PDT, 2:00 EDT.
    • You’ll be able to ask questions, share successes, have virtual hugs, and get even more.                                                     
  • A recording of the Zoom session

Hamster wheel or open road?

We offer more than surface tips…we give you tools to strengthen and recharge your entire being with joy and confidence. Your energy will become strong and you will feel calm and more content. 

This is important, because in this state you are able to do things with less effort and more joy. You don’t lose yourself amid responsibilities.

You’re at the point of decision. You can either continue on the wheel or you can choose an easier road. 

A different experience requires a different way of seeing and being. 

Put aside responsibilities for a small amount of time to reduce stress and overwhelm. Join us to be sustained, supported, uplifted, and confirmed. 


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Excited to be with you, Sharon and Nancy

A Little Bit About Two Wise Women

Two Wise Women, Sharon Eakes and Nancy Smyth

Both Nancy and Sharon are seasoned Executive and Life Coaches with expertise in relationships and resilience. Between them, they have practiced unfrazzled ways of living for nearly 100 years.

For 17 years they co-facilitated the master coaching program for the Arbinger Institute, The Choice in Coaching. Nancy and Sharon have successfully trained and coached individuals from over 28 countries and are adept in shifting cultures in families and organizations.

They authored the insightful book, Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships, a finalist in the prestigious Eric Hoffer 2017 Book Awards. They are beloved and sought-after speakers and presenters. Professionally honored, they were invited to author a chapter in the 2019 desk reference for coaches, Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice

Two Wise Women offer you a clear path to joy and freedom.