Calming the breath calms the mind

Trust the Breath

Last time we spoke about the magic of the breath turning an upside-down moment right-side up. Here are additional benefits of the breath. When our breath is relaxed in a state of equilibrium, the stage is set for us to:  experience contentment  expand our vision make clear decisions, and  engage with people in sincere, benevolent[…]

Dog enthusiastically greeting woman by kissing her face

Who welcomes you?

We recently arrived back from a fantastic conference where the hosts treated each person as a special guest. What a lovely experience. There were many, many gifts (cup, tee-shirt, ice cream, and on and on.) But that wasn’t what made us feel really special. It was their sincerity in being so glad to meet us,[…]

Image of proud peacock

Your Own Outrageousness

Good relationships require that we show up as our best self. For a while Nasrudin worried about each little mistake he had made in his life. Sometimes he would fret out loud over some minor characteristic flaw he had noticed in himself. His wife tried to console him. “Don’t worry so much. After all, nobody’s[…]

Birth and Death By Sharon

Birth and Death — A Christmas Story (This Fresh Views was first published 8 years ago. The baby described is now 8-year-old Fianna, a magical child.) “We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love.” —Madame de Stael “Every child begins the world again.” —Henry David Thoreau[…]