Being the best? Or giving your best self?

Good relationships require that we show up as our best self.

Here is a story that tickles us.

For a while Nasrudin worried about each little mistake he had made in his life. Sometimes he would fret out loud over some minor characteristic flaw he had noticed in himself. His wife tried to console him. “Don’t worry so much. After all, nobody’s perfect.” Nasrudin smiled and shook his head, “Ah, but I’m so close.”

Nasrudin, a self-proclaimed philosopher, and fool, was not known for having a humble heart. Yet he believed that no one was better at humility than he was. We can probably never learn humility at Nasrudin’s feet. Except, maybe we are not so different from him and need to laugh at our own outrageousness.

  • What do you hold onto as your best or worst trait? 
  • How much energy do you invest in your story?
  • What happens in your relationships when you measure your worth against other people?
  • How does it feel to others when you offer your best self? 

Our honesty and caring pave the way, making it easier for other people to be their best selves, to live from their hearts.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

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