Beyond differences

Differences do not need to separate us from one another.

So, what does that mean? This is a time in history where understanding how to bridge differences and not operate from fear are very important. There are more things that connect us than separate us. 

It is easy to get distracted by our different beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, races, politics. Too often we fear that a person who sees differently will take advantage of us, harm us in some way. 

A couple of years ago when Nancy told one of her friends she was travelling to Guatemala, the friend panicked. “It is so unsafe. You could be killed.” It is good to know the milieu and how to be safe, but the fear of harm can immobilize. Because of her friend’s love, Nancy did take precautions. The sweetness of gentle people and nature’s beauty filled her to overflowing.

Chad, a friend of ours, was on the front lines in a war-torn country. Listen to us as we recount his story.

Next time you are faced with a person whose ideas feel foreign, pause, settle into your heart and help rapport come alive between you. 

It is hopeful to know we can get beyond differences. Underneath all of the divides, we are all people, with hopes, dreams, fears and burdens. Settling into what connects us instead of what divides opens new possibilities.

Expand your heart,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: When feeling put off, pause, and bring to light what connects you.

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