Bring your love to work

The dictionary says the verb “love” is “to like or enjoy very much.” One of the outcomes of bringing love to work is that everyone is happier/more satisfied at work.

Every single person at work wants to be seen and valued. Connections based on respect and caring create a culture of well-being. 

A new CEO we’ll call Dave was invested in the company in this way: He wanted each leader in the organization to feel known and welcomed into this newly formed collaboration. With the past CEO, leaders weren’t included in strategy conversations or decision-making. There was little cohesiveness and collaboration between functions. 

Dave first set about meeting with each person individually. As he welcomed each leader, he asked about their families and their safety. He sought input about how they saw their personal success and the company’s growth, and what they needed from him to make those happen. 

Dave built relationships by listening and being present. He put people first. They felt seen and enjoyed contributing to the company.

Dave is now supporting leaders to meet with their reports in the same caring way.

Love at work is creating the promise of a more peaceful, easeful, and joyous life at work.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: People matter; cultivate relationships.


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