Caring Reconnects Us

We’ve been moved by the former Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, who speaks about the biggest disease in the world right now. He says that more than the diseases that come to mind, loneliness is the most prevalent disease. It seems rather strange in this century that loneliness could be the thing people suffer from the most. We hope you are not suffering from it. 

However, during this challenging time more people have felt lonely.

Here’s a remedy that can help all of us – let other people know that you care. When we start letting other people know that we care for them, that we think of them, then we start reconnecting ourselves in ways that matter. Our reaching out keeps us all more connected.

Everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Stay kind.

When we saw a great email from we thought of you and wanted to share parts of it.

When it feels as though there is nothing we could possibly do to meet life as it is, we can begin by simply caring. Try saying it: I care. Try feeling it: I care. What changes? What awakens in your heart?

In the weeks ahead, we invite you to lean in: Allow your tending of self, others, and the world to be as easy as a thought to oneself, present as breathing, joyful as laughter. Allow your deepest cares to guide you in clear, wise action. Offer care. And take care.”

Receive other people caring for you.

Staying connected,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

Stretch Yourself

Stretch yourself to be kind and caring when other people are ignoring you or seeming not to care…

How does stretching feel?

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