September 16, 2015

Chocolate or Lunch

Chocolate or Lunch is an Honored Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award.

“The powerful energy of our hearts is like a laser beam that cuts through everything false to reveal the truth about what has been the cause of the problems [in relationships]. It’s a different fix from what you have been looking for, and that is why you haven’t found it.” – page 21.

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Critical mother?

Difficult boss?

Disrespectful teenager?

Uncaring Spouse?


No reason to feel frustrated and frazzled in your relationships.

Those relationships CAN improve.

Become joyfully connected in all your relationships.

As Two Wise Women, we generously share our own life-changing experiences and coaching expertise. Our insights and guidance ignite amazing results in others. Clients make quantum changes: now happier and freer than they ever imagined possible! YOUR LIFE and your relationships can be forever changed too, with the profound wisdom and practices found in Chocolate or Lunch

You will be better equipped to navigate the toughest relationship moments.

Knowing your desire for a resilient connection with others,  Sharon and Nancy carefully map out the way to get there. You will begin the journey by embracing the wonder of your heart and mind, then learn how to merge them together. This transforming process will resolve problems and set you free.

The journey will open you to more love inside than imagined. You will shift from wanting happiness to being happiness and spreading happiness.

 Please accept this blessing from Two Wise Women.



“Chocolate or Lunch is full of tools about how the human mind and heart work in harmony. This is a book about relationships that prompts you to go back and read it over and over as you navigate through the text and discover meanings and lessons that apply.

I found the stories powerful and helpful looking for lessons that I could take away. The language is easy to read and yet powerful. I can easily see myself keeping it at close proximity so I can go to it when relationships and feelings get out of whack and I need to recalibrate”. — George Theotocatos, Retired Oil Company Executive


“I’m excited about this uplifting and valuable book, filled with fresh insights for new seekers and old. Although most of the concepts were familiar to me, fresh perspectives gushed forth as I read. The conversational tone feels like a visit with friends. Bravely authentic personal examples bring the content to life. Buy an extra copy as a gift.” — Sharon Lippincott, Author of Adventures of a Chilehead 


“We can be happy. We can be at peace. That is what we all want and that is the message Nancy Smyth & Sharon Eakes deliver with profound wisdom and heartfelt grace. Relationships are at the core of life and Nancy and Sharon guide us through how we can shift our internal choices to enjoy deeper more satisfying relationships, at work and at home. A lyrical, lovely read with lasting impact!” — Kelly Epperson, Book Coach, Author of 25+ Books, & Erma Bombeck essay contest judge