Colliding with a Cow and Other Spontaneous Adventures

We wish you could be with us right now. We decided to use this graphic and came up with story after story of spontaneous adventures we have had in our lives. We are laughing at all the crazy predicaments we lived through: 

  • Frightened, running with the speed of light, head down in a field, only to collide with a cow who screamed mOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Singing silly songs to strangers until everyone was in stitches
  • Dancing with a little kid on a table at a party – sober!
  • Getting lost on my first desert hike with a group of people, couldn’t find our way back for hours — Making up stories about never being found. WHAT FUN
  • Inviting a bunch of friends to come to dinner, wearing whatever they had on, bringing one thing to share. Making a strange and wonderful meal together … and laughing uproariously!


Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure


What are moments when you did spontaneous things that brought you joy?

Who were you with?

How might they love to hear from you right now?

Spontaneity brings the unexpected. Laughter is the best medicine.

May you experience a great dose of spontaneity, adventure, and laughter every day,



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