Cooped up at home together

We have been hearing from people: couples, small and large families. And one of the repeating themes is “How can we make our relationships go better during this time?”

These are challenging times – for some people very stressful – cooped up together with less privacy and more togetherness than we might be comfortable with. Also, we all have our natural reactions to losing our privacy and independence.

And, yet, we have a golden opportunity to shift how we are with each other.

In the first weeks of sheltering, a mom was arguing with her teenage daughter constantly. Then, the mom allowed herself to pause and wonder what would make things better for the family. A new possibility came to light. The family made agreements that would benefit the daughter and her friends, ensuring the health of all the families.

Take tea with us and discover three steps that you can take to shift your family relationships.

Listen, we know how difficult relationships can stress us. If you wish things could go better in your home, please contact us. It would be an honor to support you.

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