Could your perspective be flawed?

We all know people we steer clear of — they upset us. We become attached to our thoughts and feelings about them and cannot see their personhood or their hearts. Our conviction creates suffering, ours and theirs. 

Columnist Paul Prather wrote: “In such cases, if we’re not careful, we find ourselves right about the facts, yet dead wrong about the truth . . . When we find ourselves feeling superior, we’re in trouble.”

Here is a twist to consider: 

  • Could your perspective be flawed?

Of course, you would say, “NO. Everyone agrees.”

Another twist:

  • When you act out, what is going on below the surface? What help do you need? 

What if the person who is acting like a jerk feels out of control, fearful, or not knowing how to connect? What do they need?

We take a visit with our old friend, Backpack, to help explore situations like this. 

What might compassionate eyes see?

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Let “What do they need?” be your mantra.

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