Cycles by Sharon

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. —Hal Borland


Cycles comfort me. A cycle is defined as: “any complete round or series of events or phenomena that repeat again and again.” Each stage in the cycle will pass and another stage will come.

There are retail sales cycles – learn them and you know to buy white goods in January. Grocery stores have a 12-week cycle of sales, going through a number of categories and then repeating.

There are virtuous cycles, such as when the stock market is going up and up, and there are vicious cycles, like being in a relationship full of blame and self-justification.

When the political landscape bugs you, patience is helpful. Eventually there will be a change. If you gasp at the current fashions, know that over time all fashions die….and then resurface. When my children were growing up and going through various delightful and difficult stages, I was sometimes sad and sometimes glad, knowing no stage would last.

Cycles often change course or stop when disturbed, when something in the repetition is different. The cycle of appreciating house values stopped with the crisis over junk mortgages, and are now on their way back up. In difficult relationships, awareness and forgiveness can stop the cycle of resentment and retaliation.

Right now I am acutely aware of the cycle of seasons. Although I know the cycle and should expect it, I am startled to wake up and find the smiling faces of daffodils blooming all over my garden. Robin Williams said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’”

I love the way indigenous cultures view spring. Spring is the time of new ideas and creativity.


  1. Where are you in the various cycles of your life?
  2. Where would patience be the best response, given that this stage in a cycle will pass?
  3. Where might you want to disrupt a cycle? What action will you commit to take to cause that disruption?
  4. What new ideas are bubbling up in you?
  5. How can you express your creativity in a way that serves both you and others?
  6. Want to party?

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