Friends by Nancy

I am thinking about a recent birthday celebration. A group of us went bowling together. What a sight we were since none of us had bowled in years. (We weren’t that good when we did bowl.) We had such fun, laughing, giving great advice to each other as if we knew something. Just being together was a delight.

Many of our memories involve people that are cherished by us. We love being with them because our hearts come alive with mutual caring and joy.

For a moment, think about a particular person who cares about you and values what is important to you. Perhaps you even feel treasured by this person. Is it a family member or a friend? Think about how you cherish them, their wonderful qualities and how they walk through the world. Notice how caring for them adds significantly to your life.

Remember one special moment with this person. Where were you? What was taking place? Linger here for a while and enjoy this memory.

What is your experience as you think about them?

Truly let yourself delight in having this person in your life.

They live always as a memory in your heart. This memory is yours.

How can you return to it often to nurture your entire being?

How can you let this person you are thinking about know that they are special?

How can you extend joy and gratefulness to your other relationships?


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