Get Ready, Get Set, GO – STOP!

What unexpected times we’re living in! If you’re feeling pulled in two directions, that makes perfect sense.

It’s in our DNA to connect. Yet we’re told to stay separate. How can we do both?

Most of us are trying in every way we can. Zoom calls. More Zoom calls. Phone calls. Walks at a distance. Having food delivered. And when we go out – wearing masks! 

We are being given the imperative to stay away from each other in order to be safe. No wonder we feel pulled apart! It is almost like being told simultaneously to 


The problem is when we let outer circumstances and fear decide our responses to life, we become frazzled. People have been creative and innovative in the most daunting of times. You, yourself have made it through hard times. 

Remember the strength that came to you when you faced and overcame a challenge. 

YOU DID IT! YOU WERE AWESOME! Re-congratulate yourself right now.

Sooo, today and in the days to come:

  • Breathe deeply and then breathe deeply again.
  • Take hold of the smallest thing you can do to shift a fearful thought when it arises.
  • Remember the people who know you as a strong, creative, and capable person.
  • Find humor in the absurdity. 


Get Ready and Get Set
to be with us for
Mindshift Breaks with Two Wise Women,

to be offered later in May. We can hardly contain our excitement!

These will be 30-minute powerful sessions. They will not take away the pandemic, but they can help you 

  • Know how to calm yourself 
  • Dance with the unexpected 
  • Catch joy by its tail even while you work.

Stay tuned for more!

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