Ginny’s Amazing Relationship Transformation

Do you have a relationship you have almost written off? That feels just too hard? One of our dear clients knew that pain well and also yearned for connection. Please see what’s been possible in Ginny’s life. 

For years, I kept my mom at arms’ length. I wanted to change her, and to protect everyone (including my boys) from what I saw as her faults.  

Learning with Sharon and Nancy, a new way of seeing emerged. The part of me that yearned to bring down the wall between us kept growing. 

On Tuesday, I phoned my mom and asked her out to dinner. She chose her favourite restaurant. She was childlike and excited. And what was amazing: so was I. She came and helped me bathe and put my boys to bed. Never in our entire lives had we done anything like that. 

We had a glorious meal, and I listened. She shared photos of my childhood, holidays, cakes we made, fun times. Times I had blocked out. We laughed a lot, we smiled and we giggled. What was most amazing was, as I listened and truly heard her. I liked her; she is fun!

I saw my mom in her wholeness, her listened to, loved, heard self. We both glowed with excitement. I can see my mom, and she is beautiful….

Ginny inspires us not to give up. Relationships matter, a lot. Let us help you find the unexpected resolution in your stuck relationship. 

May 2020 to be your best year yet. Remember, we are one email away,
Sharon and Nancy

PS. This story and similar stories can be found in our award-winning book, Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships

Chocolate or Lunch, by Sharon Eakes and Nancy Smyth

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