Heart-Filled Holidays are a Choice

Holidays are coming. Are you ready? What a time for celebration!

And yet, and yet…. There may be friends, neighbors or family members that we consider “difficult,” or even dread seeing. It is easy to focus on what separates us.

However, it is possible not to get frazzled or anxious. What if, instead, we focused on what is most important to us, the connection and love that we can experience during this time? WE CAN.

It is a heart-filled season. And we can prepare our hearts in ways that will help us have a rich experience of sharing meals, rituals, and gifts. 

The key is to set a clear intention to stretch ourselves beyond our familiar ways of being with each other. We can rise above differences – in lifestyle, in political perceptions and beliefs – when we remember that we (every one of us) are doing the best we can. What if, for the holidays, we gave ourselves and others the gift of seeing that we can appreciate differences and be with each other in love and celebration?

May grace give you pause,
Sharon and Nancy


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