Help Things Go Right

Forge your leadership with purpose.

Larry came into work quite late. He stopped by his supervisor’s office and apologized. His wife was so sick he was afraid to leave her and the baby alone. The supervisor looked him in the eye and said, quite forcefully, ”Go home. We’ll handle everything here.”

All things change when we open our hearts to see. The heart’s wisdom teaches us how to be present, drop unhelpful ideas, and be with a person graciously — to help things go right. 

So, what happens when your mind, totally focused on business, overshadows your heart? You don’t see Larry and his challenges. Human needs are shoved aside; the company’s needs come first.

Because Larry’s urgency was heard, he was no longer alone with his concerns. His leader’s response made him feel seen, safe and supported. His trust in the company increased one-hundredfold. Larry gave exponentially more of himself in the years to come.

As leaders, the more we allow ourselves to see with compassion and evolve, the more content we and our reports are. People trust us more. Yes, it takes awareness and a little time; however, the investment is priceless.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Help things go right.


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