How stress handcuffs joy – and what to do about it

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Now here is a huge WOW. Healthcare plans are beginning to include meditation and relaxation apps as part of their care packages for clients.

The health industry’s conclusions are based on scientific studies done about stress, loneliness, and isolation. These studies show how relaxation and meditation lower anxiety and create a calmer state.

With all the events during the last several years, it has become clearer than ever that support in many forms is needed for our wellbeing.

How is your wellbeing?

Perhaps bouts with loneliness and isolation aren’t many for you. However, stress is always ready to sneak through the door. It pounces like a powermonger taking charge of your thoughts and creating havoc with your feelings. It handcuffs joy and productivity.

Meditation might be a stretch for some people. However, a potent choice for all of us is relaxing and consciously breathing throughout the day.

Use relaxation to welcome yourself to the day, or before starting or completing a project at work. Relax preparing for a meeting or creating a field of peace whenever needed. This will strengthen your physical stamina and emotional health.


Remember for a moment what it feels like to relax. Let that memory allow your shoulders to relax and broaden as your shoulder blades gently ease down your back. Notice how your breath naturally responds. Your breath is the bridge that will take you to calm balance.

Watch your breath as it flows in and out. No need to change it, Just watch.

Simply notice and join the journey the breath makes as it comes in, pauses, and turns around and leaves. …Turns again, enters, pauses …and leaves … watch as this rhythm continues.

Observe how the breath on its own begins to soften and slow down.

Now, imagine each inhalation bringing with it fresh, revitalizing energy. Receive it, be present and open.

As you relax more, your mind quiets, and you connect to an expansive awareness. Embrace this spacious state as stress melts into nothingness.

Relax and breathe to counter stress

Enjoy each day,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Relax. Return to your breath.

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