How will you shine your light?

For many people around the world this time of the year celebrates light. For many, this has been a darker than usual year. Amazingly, even without much light, there is a light that never wanes. It is the light and love that glow in our hearts. Sometimes we can’t see our own light…..yet others reflect it back to us. 

What a lovely thought that there are people in our lives who see us and love us. What would life be like without those people we treasure?

As we step closer to closing this chapter, we will say goodbye to many events, some joys, some trials. Rather than brush the difficult ones aside, bless them as they leave.

Take the time you need – and the year deserves – to reflect on all the blessings that have appeared in your life. Some may not have seemed joyful, and yet, hidden deep inside their wombs is a gem. Perhaps a strengthening or releasing, or an opening that lets in light.

You are a being of wondrous light

2021, a new year, is pregnant with possibilities. What will it bring? What might emerge? What might land on your path? What will you see that you haven’t seen before? How will you shine your light?

Please receive our blessings for an abundant and beautiful 2021.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

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