Increase Love by Nancy

People are integral to the life we live day to day. Absorbed in our full schedules, do we even see people? How connected do we feel? With every breath we take, we exchange energy with each and every person. What is stirring in the heart of the person standing next to us, in the car next to ours, or the person half way around the globe affects us. We know that is the case because compassion engulfs our hearts when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world.

How we think and feel about others is the portal into understanding ourselves. How we engage in relationships reflects back to us a snapshot of how we are connected to ourselves and the world.

We know what it is like to hold someone dear to us in our heart. In some ways, those we embrace feel like a part of us. We consider them and what they are going through in life. We care. We pardon their forgetfulness or discourtesy. We have room for them in our heart. The fact is that not only these dearest people but people on the street, people at work, people we differ from are also part of us.

We can experience the joy of connection more by pondering:

What shift in my way of thinking could allow my heart to see people? To love more?

How can I be more compassionate with myself? …toward a person that I tend to overlook?

How can I allow a generous heart to view my world today?

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