Instigate Joy!

Here’s a great way to start 2021. Become the instigator of joy in other people’s lives. What? Wait a minute? How?

Create little delights for other people. They can be simple, yet pack a wallop.

  • A business client of ours began to make her husband’s lunches. It took very little time and effort. It made her so happy to be doing something for him. And he just beamed.

Surprise people when they least expect it.

  • Sharon’s family has a tradition of giving small “unbirthday” presents. They’re extra fun because they’re unexpected.

Tell someone what you appreciate about them.

  • A colleague of ours was treated quite well by one of his vendors. He not only sent thanks but also promoted her in his blog post.

Shift your focus and put all your energy into making everyone else’s day great.

  • It feels so good to make someone else happy. It is not what we do, Its how we offer it. See how many people you can uplift.
    • What is a kind thing you could say to someone?
    • How could you spend even a moment or two of quality time with someone?
    • What is the smallest thing you could do for someone without them knowing it was you?

May this year be filled with joy and peace and health for all of us,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

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