Internal Nudges

We are at the half-way mark of 2022. In our business we note these milestones, take inventory, and assess, as we make adjustments for the future. Our business thrives from that guidance.

Internally, taking note is also a good practice. Appraising your own state:

  • What have you done well? Pause and congratulate yourself.
  • Is your footing strong?
  • What is calling to your attention?
  • What do you sense you need to initiate or commit to?

Then listen. Call it what you will, but beyond data, are nudges, sixth sense, and intuition as guidance. They often knock at the door of our subconscious to support us, inviting us to proceed in a more fully powerful way. Pay attention and factor these invisible gems into adjustments needed.

Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” Using both, our whole being thrives.

Taking stock at the halfway point in the venture

Taking stock,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Respond to the internal nudges that need your attention.

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