Laughing at Ourselves

Take a peek at Two Wise Women doing the tech part of their business. They are on Google Drive, so they can be together.

“I don’t see how to do it,” Nancy says.
“I can help.!” says Sharon. “Oops, I was wrong.”
“I have an idea…let’s try this,” chuckles Nancy.
“I’ll Google how to do it,” Sharon offers. “Now I can’t find where we were working.”

On, and on and on…

You would giggle yourself silly, seeing us lost in the bushes of how to do the next step, the step that our 10-year-old grandchild would do in a sec.

The saving grace is that we are laughing at ourselves the whole way.

    • Are you enjoying yourself?
    • Do you pause during the day to smile?
    • Do you have a laughing partner at work?
    • Can joy show up when you are in difficult conversations?

Here is a real live Two Wise Women moment. 

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Pause often and smile. See how it affects your work.

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