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Today I’m sharing another post from my blog originally posted on July 10th, 2014. Enjoy!

Nakagawa Soen (1907-1984)

 Mujinzo (Limitlessness)

Mujinzo (Limitlessness)

Isn’t this scroll absolutely beautiful? It is a little mesmerizing for me; it swirls through me like ribbons flowing in the wind. And then just to ponder the concept “limitlessness” draws me inside as if the word itself softens my vision and melts the solid edges of my brain cells.

You and I are confined by who and what we think we are. It is easy to believe what we can see, what we can understand and what we can fit into the certainties of our life. What we already know and experience seems totally real to us as if it is “the complete truth.” Limitlessness says that there is so much more possible to experience. However, our carefully trained radar keeps searching out that which validates our way of thinking and seeing an established “reality.” We are confined by our own limited views – views we’ve gathered and stored in my mind.

Although, once we allow our sight to be influenced by our heart, a world full of options, filled with wonder, opens.

This heart of ours is a golden vessel which holds the most extraordinary realms, grander than all the galaxies and all the sciences combined. In the spiritual traditions of many lands, they say that the heart is the most powerful force in the universe. These traditions consider that the great qualities of love, compassion, and joy, naturally existing in the heart, connect everything in the universe. Now that does sound like limitlessness.

So, limitlessness is here, already present and accessible within me, within you.

Take a few moments to connect with the source of limitlessness in your own heart. Breathe in deep, breathe out long. Perhaps while taking several more deep, easeful breaths, gaze at the scroll and its invitation to expand beyond the known into limitlessness.

What might happen when you allow a moment of joy to increase or continue for a while longer?

How could “limitlessness” be an important companion for you?

What would be the rewards you would reap?

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