Love and Thanksgiving Go Hand in Hand

Love and thanksgiving go hand in hand. Think about it. When you love someone deeply, gratitude naturally bubbles up. 

Right now, think of a person who touches your heart, who makes your life wondrous. Breathe. You are now in the arms of gratitude.

As a matter of fact, when gratitude is the song in your heart, worries and troubles fade away. When gratitude is with you, it is utterly impossible to entertain anger. Gratitude is the antidote to everything that pulls you down. The great thing about gratitude is that the more grateful you feel, the more grateful you feel. Gratitude fuels its own growth.

Sharon: It is amazing to watch how naturally children realize what they are thankful for – adding their inspiration to a Thanksgiving Tree we create together. They are excited to include people and places and experiences. 

Nancy: Our family has always had room for guests who find themselves alone on Thanksgiving Day. One year there was a religious brother who outlived all his contemporaries and made everyone laugh the entire day.  What a delight!

Love is the flower you've got to let grow. -John Lennon

Make your Thanksgiving be bounteous. Let love and gratitude spread through your lives. 

Sharon and Nancy


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