Mercy by Nancy

Over 30 years ago, a friend and I discussed a shared desire to engage in a ritual of forgiveness to wash away years of regret. Soon after expressing that wish, we both happened to be in Arizona at the same time. Before our meeting at the Grand Canyon, we each gathered thoughts and precious items to give us strength. When we met together at the rim, awed by its vast depth, we knew it could hold all we were ready to release and consign to it. We meditated, admitted the hurts we had done to others, let go of hurts we blamed others for and cleared away many of life’s unfinished transactions, ones we had regretted.

At the conclusion of our ritual, we offered gifts to the canyon. Along with our tears, we offered blessed sage, cornmeal and flower petals. Our hearts overflowed with peace, contentment, jubilation. Feeling absolved, we stretched our arms wide, hands opened to the sky in thanksgiving. Birds came and sat on our hands. It seemed as if nature itself was responding in gratitude to our simple ritual performed at that rim. How harmonious the world felt, one harmonic symphony, one consciousness.

Take a Moment

Think of a time when you have been forgiven, no matter how big or how small. Perhaps it was a child loving you when you felt you least deserved it. Whatever moment comes to mind, hold it with respect and drink the memory of forgiveness deeply into your heart. Allow its kindness to soothe you. Receive it as a gift from life and be at peace, truly, deeply at peace, unburdened by any self-judgment.

Erase the slate and free yourself, trusting you are deeply loved.

May you experience freedom, feeling nature all-around you lovingly caressing your heart and soul.

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