May 12, 2020

Mindshift Breaks With Two Wise Women

Claim your heart’s desire for balance and calm.

Weekly 30-minute online sessions to expand your mind…

Restore your mind…


Do you wish someone could pull you out of the current reality, of feeling uncertain, stressed, impatient? Do you feel afloat in uncharted territory without a compass? Mostly still sheltered in place, our minds and nervous systems are challenged. We don’t know what the future holds. 

Perhaps you are eager to get on with it, want change, yet at the same time feel scared about moving forward. Jarring times and thoughts can put us on edge.

In addition, Stephen Porges says,

“The pandemic impacts on our biological imperative to connect.”

He concludes the pandemic presents a paradoxical challenge to our nervous system.

As humans we need to connect. In fact, we use the cues that come from the face and the tone of voice of each other to balance our nervous systems. These cues let us know we are safe. And feeling safe is even more difficult when we are wearing masks.

We are being given the imperative that we need to stay away from each other in order to be safe. No wonder we feel pulled apart! It is almost like being told to GET READY, GO, and STOP.

The problem is that we can’t let outer circumstances and fear decide our responses. The human species has proven itself to be creative and innovative in the most daunting of times. We are able to do so much more than adapt.

To move past fear and anxiety, Two Wise Women have designed a mind-expanding methodology to support you:

  • Abandon your skittish self; find humor in the absurdity
  • Release overwhelm; choose courage 
  • Interrupt the downward spiral; see fresh possibilities 

Claim your heart’s desire for balance and calm.

Here’s what we are offering:

Each week, experience a new 30-minute on-line group session starting May 27, 2020. Every mindshift session includes a mind-expanding activity, meaningful conversation, and gems to take with you.

Skilled in on-line trainings, Two Wise Women will engage you in a shift of vantage points. You will see differently, almost as if you had new eyes. These short, powerful sessions can’t take away the pandemic, but they can help you 

  • Connect more deeply with yourself
  • Know how to calm yourself 
  • Feel connected with a global community
  • Dance with the unexpected 
  • Ignite hopefulness
  • Nourish well-being
  • Work effectively
  • Catch joy by its tail

You will feel both renewed and uplifted from our restorative mini make-overs. You will also know how to access this restorative place on your own each time you need a reset. Not only will this information help you now, but also in the future.

Every Wednesday a brand-new offering
at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Here’s what people are saying
about the Two Wise Women (Nancy and Sharon)

 “Trust the facilitators – they are masterful at guiding you both gently and powerfully to connect with the depths of who you are.”  

Joy, HI

 …..“will make you see how easy it is to be responsible and live in peace.” 

Susana, Mexico

 “These co-leaders have a no nonsense, heart-centered approach. I felt safe and well held!!” 

Frank, NV

“I feel so much more free and authentic. There is a significant reduction of friction and irritation in the space!!

Florence, The Netherlands

 “Helped me step out of my fears.” 

Lisa, MI

“Nancy and Sharon provide a safe and secure climate.” 

Serdar, Turkey

A Little Bit About Two Wise Women

Two Wise Women, Sharon Eakes and Nancy Smyth

Both Nancy and Sharon are seasoned Executive and Life Coaches with expertise in relationships and resilience. Between them, they have practiced unfrazzled ways of living for nearly 100 years.

For 17 years they co-facilitated the master coaching program for the Arbinger Institute, The Choice in Coaching. Nancy and Sharon have successfully trained and coached individuals from over 24 countries and are adept in shifting cultures in families and organizations.

They authored the insightful book, Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships, a finalist in the prestigious Eric Hoffer 2017 Book Awards. They are beloved and sought-after speakers and presenters. Professionally honored, they were invited to author a chapter in the 2019 desk reference for coaches, Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice

Two Wise Women offer you a clear path to joy and freedom.


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