New beginnings

New beginnings have a way of showing up right on time like clockwork. As children, every year the weather would start to cool and school would begin. New sweaters, new books, new thoughts. For many of us, the school year cycle has been a time to start new projects, business ventures, habits. 

However, this year gives us a different kind of newness. Some schools are open and many are not. Many students are creating home study spaces instead of getting new backpacks. Some organizations are clear they will not resume full in-office schedules. People are getting creative and better at living into a remote reality. 

All that we spoke about so far are exterior signs of newness.

How can we take this changing of seasons to initiate a new way of being? Traditionally fall is the time of harvest and transition. The leaves turn brilliant and flutter to the ground. In literature fall often symbolizes adulthood and maturity.

  • How have you matured through the last few months?
  • What gifts have you gathered to create a meaningful fall, winter and beyond?
  • Who do you need to be to avoid adding to the chaos?

We suggest:

It takes each of us to create a new and better world.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

We would love to hear your new or renewed commitment to creating a better world. We’ll keep track of your input and share in an upcoming issue.

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