June 4, 2016


  • How do you get your organization to function effortlessly?
  • How do you influence others to work together productively?
  • How do you foster an environment that nurtures growth and retention?
  • How do you navigate stressful situations and create lasting change?
  • How do you have the impact you want to have?

The obstacles leaders face are relentless; we have a surprising solution.

Two Wise Women unites the wisdom of the mind and heart into a force for transformation.

Two Wise Women offers several products:

  • Lunch and learn masterclasses
  • Coaching packages for individuals or teams
  • Customized half-day trainings that provide meaningful change
  • Collaboration Mastery for Leaders – to establish a highly open, engaged, collaborative, productive environment

Collaboration Mastery for Leaders

In Collaboration Mastery for Leaders, we integrate our game-changing perspectives with leadership inclusion training. Jointly, these proficiencies create a practical framework that transforms seemingly intractable problems.

Powerful leadership principles and collaboration skills are interwoven to significantly increase each leader’s capacity. This pairing strengthens participants’ ability to identify the root of obstacles, implement specific changes, and positively influence the organization. The resultant dynamic generates innovation, continued growth, employee retention, and increased revenue.

Participants in Collaboration Mastery for Leaders will:

  1. Reinvent mindset
  2. Strengthen personal accountability
  3. Master effective leadership techniques
  4. Acquire surprising tools to support others
  5. Influence the organization’s culture

Participants report:

When I change the way I see people, my work, my life and even things, the world changes.”

“This has been a truly transformative program for me. I listen better; I drop my agenda; I focus on supporting and being helpful.

“I wanted to be the best and to get the best out of people. I’m not only a better leader now, but a better person.”