May 23, 2016

Personal and Executive Coaching

Coaching, with Two Wise Women, Nancy Smyth and Sharon EakesThere is so much goodness and beauty in the world. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you dance with it? Are you happy?

Do you bring goodness and beauty into your relationships? Does something hold you back?

No matter what brings you to coaching, we know that life gets better when both personal and work relationships improve. Once relationships are harmonious, difficulties become easy to work through.

Answers Usually Aren’t Where We Think They Are

The conflict that has to be addressed is not the conflict in the relationship in front of you. Resolution will happen, but it begins somewhere else. Your vision needs to change. We work with you at a deep level, helping you be that person you want to be. We help your mind and heart merge onto the path of profound understanding, compassion and love.

Much like working with a fitness trainer, our coaching entails a series of meetings. Each conversation, usually on the phone or video platform, uncovers the source of challenges and obstacles. As clients, you’ll see situations with new eyes. This understanding promotes remarkable changes in how you are being and interacting with others. These solutions are sustainable, and the ripple effects flowing into all of life are powerful!

You’ll increase in confidence and develop the cognitive capacity to make heartfelt decisions regarding other people’s needs as well as your own.

Clients call our work inspiring, transformational, practical and life-changing.

We are both seasoned executive and life coaches. We LOVE what we do. We consider coaching an honor and a trust.

Please contact either of us to talk about how coaching might expand your life.

Nancy Smyth on What She Loves About Coaching