May 23, 2016

Personal and Executive Coaching

Coaching, with Two Wise Women, Nancy Smyth and Sharon EakesCoaching embodies hope, courage, and a quantum shift in consciousness.

A business’ profitability is directly proportional to the executive team’s balanced and stable inner-states. With steady minds, leaders are able to consider important questions to arrive at the biggest, boldest, bravest actions. 

By utilizing our advanced tools and strategies, our coaching strengthens executives’ sense of self and eliminates what blocks effectiveness. 

No matter what brings a leader to coaching, we know that life gets better when both personal and work relationships improve. Nothing costs an organization more than unsolved people problems.

With more awareness of themselves through coaching, a leader develops a deeper appreciation for others.                                   

Their way of seeing and being changes. They communicate better. They are more cognizant of the organization’s most priceless asset – people.

Through these internal shifts, leaders gain clarity and confidence.

And because relationships are harmonious and cohesive, leaders solve seemingly intractable challenges.

As leaders grow, the company culture transforms, productivity increases, and retention rates go up. People appreciate working in a collaborative environment and want to contribute.

From there, the leader’s impact grows, their stress lessens, their businesses flourish. Strategies are easily worked through. Ambitious goals are achieved.

Answers Usually Aren’t Where You Think They Are

Your vision needs to expand. 

Through asking powerful questions, coaching allows you to uncover what is cloaked. This dynamic stimulates understanding, change, progress, and transformation. The coaching relationship includes:

  • looking at your life, including, but not limited to, work objectives
  • examining thoughts, perceptions, assumptions
  • creating clarity
  • improving relationships
  • testing ideas and
  • gaining the confidence to take bold action

We work with you at a deep level, helping you be the person you want to be, creating the future you desire.  

Coaching gets big RESULTS!        

Much like working with a fitness trainer, our coaching entails a series of meetings. Each conversation, usually on the phone or video platform, uncovers the source of challenges and obstacles. As clients, you’ll see situations with new eyes. This understanding promotes remarkable changes in how you are being and interacting with others. These solutions are sustainable. The powerful ripple effects flow into all of life!

You’ll increase in confidence and develop the cognitive capacity to make heartfelt decisions regarding your business, other people’s needs, as well as your own.

Clients call our work inspiring, transformational, practical, and life-changing.

We are both seasoned executive and life coaches. We LOVE what we do. We consider coaching to be an honor and a trust.

Please contact either of us to talk about how coaching might expand your life.

Nancy Smyth on What She Loves About Coaching