Plan a getaway

It is time to pause. REALLY! We live in a time and culture that supports hard work. Nothing wrong with that when done with lightness and enjoyment. However, our perspective can get jaded when we don’t take time to truly relax, maybe get away, do nothing, like lying in a hammock.

We know that there is a recovery period after running a marathon.

Those leisure breaks that restore us are like a day of sunshine after weeks of gloom. They allow us to see more clearly, breathe more deeply, come back refreshed and inspired. 

Sometimes we think we are doing a great thing to just keep plugging away. But we’re not. Our mind, body, and spirit need rejuvenation. Rest clears out our head and frees our way of being to be present and engaged wholeheartedly. 

Research has repeatedly shown that continuing to plug away after we are tired slows us down and increases mistakes. Rest and downtime, on the other hand, increase both efficiency and productivity. 

Schedule downtime, playtime. And, periodically throughout each day, pause, relax, breathe until you feel calm wash over you. Plan a get-away. It will refresh your outlook and give you perspective, reminding you that there is more to life than work.

There is more to life than work


RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Each day do one activity (even small) that will help you deeply relax. Only one day out of seven can be screen time activity.

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