Relax by Nancy

Come, sit with us for a moment. Relax. Rest your mind and weary bones and feel peace surround you. Go ahead and exhale stress and inhale fresh, revitalized energy. Our breath rescues us from busyness, unwanted thoughts and emotions, and improves the way we interact with others. Its influence in our lives is profound when we consciously embrace its companionship.

Even now, you can simply bring a soft focus to your breath as you experience these suggestions.

Allow a gentle awareness to follow the sensation of cooling air as it enters your nostrils and travels inside. Notice where it comes to rest until it is ready to depart. Feel the breath’s warmth as it calmly leaves. Relax into an unhurried tempo and thoughtfully repeat this sequence several times as you return to yourself wholly restored.

Life is moving quickly and unpredictably. We are also stepping into a holiday season. There are so many preparations to arrange, things to do, places to go and people to see. Most importantly, don’t forget about this bench where you can breathe easy, unwind and return to still, spacious comfort inside. Remember your inner resilience as you encounter people that feel difficult for you. Remember this peaceful place when acquaintances and family members see the world differently. Remember who you are when others don’t. Remember that it is sharing the love in your heart that matters.

Consider pondering these questions:

How can I receive another person’s heart even when their approach is barbed?

What can I offer to others that would be beneficial?

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