January 4, 2018

Self Study Course Week 1


Welcome to Week One of Our Self Assessment Course!

Dear Friend,

We are pleased that you are taking a step towards more meaningful connection. This is the first of three sessions you will receive for the next three weeks..

You might like to print this worksheet before you begin. The following pattern will help you know yourself better.

  1. Listen to the recording without the worksheet
  2. Fill out the worksheet
  3. Listen again to the recording – no writing – reflect on the experience of your troubled relationship
  4. ENGAGE: Ask three people what connecting with others means to them

The audio file is a rich conversation. Sharon, one of the Two Wise Women, interviews Greg on the subject of forgiveness. The clip begins with Greg sharing a question that his daughter recently asked him. We’ll ask you to listen to this audio clip many times throughout this course, since repeated listening will allow you to:

  1. See subtleties you haven’t seen before – each week deeper understanding will unfold
  2. Identify your established patterns of response to people and understand how they impact your life
  3. Forgive both the other person and yourself

Click here to download the Dialogue on Forgiveness Recording.

[download#4#image] Dialogue on Forgiveness Recording

Click here to download Worksheet #1 and get started.

[download#6#image] Worksheet #1