January 4, 2018

Self Study Course Week 2


It’s Week Two of Your Self Study Course!

(If you’re new to the course and you’ve found yourself on the Week 2 page before it’s available to view go back to week 1 here)


Dear Friend,

We are pleased that you are continuing your journey towards more meaningful connection. Here is your second guide in the series of three. This worksheet is designed to support your deepening experience.

You might like to print this worksheet before you begin. The following pattern will help you know yourself better and take the next step.

  1. Listen to the recording without the worksheet
  2. Listen again filling out worksheet

ENGAGE: Return in your heart’s memory every hour to a place in nature that uplifts you. Go beyond thinking about it to experiencing it.

In case you need to download the recording again here is the link:

[download#4#image] Dialogue on Forgiveness Audio Recording

Click below to download Worksheet #2:

[download#7#image] Worksheet #2