January 4, 2018

Relationship Self-Study Course

Some relationships are great and others might be tense or troubled.

When relationships are strained, you can feel unhappy and drained. Tough exchanges can dampen your energy or wake you up at night.

The most natural thing in the world is to want the other person to change. But youreally, truly CAN’T change other people, no matter how hard or long you try.

Join us!

This Self-Study Couse has the power to change your relationships!

Your Relationship Map: A Self-Study Course

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You have the power to change your relationships.

Your Relationship Map: A Self-Study Course is an effective tool to stop struggling with people in your life, both at home and at work. Truly, this course improves relationships and increases your joy. With an easy-to-follow guide, you will celebrate progress. Having worked with hundreds of people, we genuinely assure you that even your most difficult relationships can change.

Thinking about the people in your life, some relationships are great and others might be tense or perhaps troubled. When they are strained, the most natural thing in the world is to want the other person to change. But we really, truly CAN’T change other people. Change happens as an inside job – inside the heart. Let us help you begin to experience people differently. It is liberating!

Your Relationship Map: Sellf-Study Course  comes in three-sessions that will reveal more about your way of being with two different people.

Your Relationship Map: A Self-Study Course teaches you to see. (insert more benefits)

When we see, we are in a most powerful position, one of choice. We CAN change. And when we do, we THINK of people differently.

As a result of seeing, changing, and thinking differently you can actually FEEL differently in your relationships.

Feel happier, whether or not they change.

[format with background highlight] Join the hundreds of other people, just like you, whom we have helped shift relationships from sticky to smooth, from strained to satisfying. The transformation is thrilling! We want you to experience this freedom.


  1. A written lesson
  2. A thought provoking worksheet
  3. Implimentation homework
  4. Opportunity for email  support from course leaders. (beinspired@TwoWiseWomen.org)

In addition, you get access to a powerful audio interview on forgiveness that is the core of the course.  You will have the opportunity to download and listen to this audio during and after the course.

All course material is downloadable so you can keep it for a lifetime and use the same process to improve other relationships.

We want you to enjoy peaceful, productive relationships so we’ve kept this powerful content affordable.

Your Relationship Map: A Self-Study Course within your easy reach, at only $79.

But we have discounted it for the time being because we really want you to have access.

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