Stay uplifted

Celebrate with us. September is the month of our birthdays. We just became a year wiser, a year more present to you. We can claim those things because we made a clear intention to continue to grow in love and wisdom. Once that intention was made, the universe delivered the events that made it all happen.

This year has been a wild ride. So much that was unexpected, brand new to us. Shut down of many taken-for-granted ways of living, masks, fear of COVID. Then there was the recognition of social injustice and the heartache of natural disasters. All these things are very challenging and yet each of us facing them can become stronger and more resilient, if we are open.

Because of what is going on, it is most important to stay connected to our inner courage. Make an intention to keep your spirit uplifted. Here are some steps that can keep you going, even thriving:

  • Be grateful for even little things
  • Find humor in the absurd
  • Make another person’s day in the smallest of ways

Use gratitude, intention and kindness to stay uplifted even in challenging times

Our heart is with you. We send blessings and wishes for your health and safety.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

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