Take inspiration from spring

In many places around the globe new life is peeking out of the ground. Some of the sprouts are fighting their way through snow. How delicate they appear and yet how strong and courageous to make their way out.

In colder areas of the world, we get these promises of spring followed by freezing conditions. We worry; we fret. Can they survive? 

What is so special about the newness of spring is that it is fresh every year. We can count on it. It sustains us. We long for it after freezing winters. Even the thought of spring gives us hope.

How could this also be true of our relationships? What if every spring day (every day) we were sensitive in fresh ways to the people in our lives? The people we work with every day? The dear people in our homes that we sometimes take for granted? What if our awareness expanded to take in people’s hearts and unseen concerns?

Be Grateful for Each Blossom - Two Wise Women

Feel grateful for each person in your life,

Relationsmiths Sharon and Nancy

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