The One Gift Santa Can’t Bring You

Have you started writing your letter to Santa yet? Here is something very important to ask for: a peaceful heart, one free of judgment and pain. Why, you ask? Because when your heart is peaceful, the whole world is brighter, every task becomes easier, kindness and love are your experiences.

A Peaceful Heart is the Ultimate GiftThe problem, of course, is that Santa won’t know where to find your peaceful heart! He will ask many vendors if they have one for you. He will send his elves on a mission to discover where you can get a peaceful heart. Because you have asked and have been such a good child this year, he won’t give up searching. He will scour the internet, confer with Rudolph, and put out an SOS on Facebook. 

But wait, stop, don’t despair. Guess what? The way to a peaceful heart is to go deep inside, below doubt and debris, and feel its presence. Initially, it may not be a strong pulsation. However, with a little nurturing, it will resound with joy.


So – ready? Here is a step-by-step guide to locating and nourishing your heart.

  • Bring to mind someone you love to pieces. Someone whose company or memory makes you smile, and sets your heart singing.
  • Bask in the experience of being with that person. See and feel yourselves together. Enjoy!

Go and do other stuff for a while. Then come back to this cultivation of your peaceful heart. 

  • Now think of a place in nature you absolutely love. Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Soak it in. Feel the mountain or tree or gurgling creek in your body. Breathe in the fresh air, taking it all the way down to your toes.

Return again to expand the heart’s receptivity.

  • Move from your mind to your heart while engaging in holiday preparations. Fully embrace each activity with joy and thanksgiving. Soak in the feeling of the love experience. Breathe deeply. Your peaceful heart is expanding!

Return over and over again to practice. Let your heart visit other places, people, and activities that you love. Each time you practice, it is like stretching a balloon further and further so that it can fill with air.

Thank Santa for his efforts, because even though he failed, you succeeded!

Put your peaceful heart in charge of the holidays,

Sharon and Nancy


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