The richness of difference

It is birthday month for the TWO Wise Women. How did that happen? Did our astrological sign draw us together? We have definite similarities and many differences as well. 

That’s the thing about us as people: we are the same and different.

We all breathe, get tired, eat, and brush our teeth. We tend to think that the way we do each of those things is the right way, THE way. That’s what gets us into trouble; we miss the uniqueness of each person; even get upset with others’ quirks.

Expectations create a veil that prevents us from seeing clearly.

One of the huge values of traveling to other cultures is seeing that everyday things can be accomplished in so many different ways. Who’s to say our way is best? Which way is the best way to peel a banana? What is the proper way to put the TP roll in the holder? What is the best way to do finances?

The truth is that the differences among us can be the source of great richness. We expand our horizons. We get surprised.

And as leaders, we have to be open and truly present when we deliver a message, listen for responses, hear a need expressed. Every exchange is coming from a person with history, preferences, creativity. Our greatest opportunity is to receive and respond to the whole of each person.

Love that you are truly you,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Celebrate that others’ quirks can surprise and delight you.

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