Trust the Breath

Last time we spoke about the magic of the breath turning an upside-down moment right-side up. Here are additional benefits of the breath.

When our breath is relaxed in a state of equilibrium, the stage is set for us to: 

  • experience contentment 
  • expand our vision
  • make clear decisions, and 
  • engage with people in sincere, benevolent and honest ways. 

The opposite is true when we are tense, absorbed with unsettling thoughts. When we are anxious or upset, our energy is disrupted and we are out of sorts. As our mind and body become constrained, our breathing becomes shallow and perhaps rapid. Our heart might feel compressed. We feel stuck. Our whole system can slip into a contracted state, which makes it more likely that we react rather than respond graciously.

Calming the breath calms the mind

By voluntarily yielding to a slower, longer breathing rhythm, we disperse negative charges. We change our energetic frequency by consciously exhaling easily, allowing the next inhalation to arise naturally. 

Right now experience the words in the paragraph above. Gently release and receive each breath. Watch dissatisfaction and disappointment fade. And as the breath balances, many subtle levels of agitation dissipate.

This cooperation with our breath is a soft, silky, receptive act. Just as naturally as laughter arises playing peek-a-boo with a baby, we don’t need to exert effort. We need not judge or rush to change the breath. Instead, we can trust the breath as we would trust a dear friend. 

When honored, our breath will connect us wholly to ourselves.

Breathing in and out with you, Sharon and Nancy


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