Turn a “dud” day right-side up

Do you sometimes feel at the top of your game? Have just the right touch, the perfect words, great ideas, a big heart?

And then, do you sometimes feel like a complete dud? Reacting and forgetting to put fear to the side, forgetting to take hold of courage and belief in yourself?

Believe it or not, you have in your possession the magic that can turn an upside-down moment right-side up. The breath. It is with you wherever you go. You don’t have to wait until you get home, or have enough money, or get to a store.  Breathing is so automatic (thank goodness) that we don’t pay it any attention. But here’s how it can become conscious and rescue you from that upside-down place.

Women in water shows the power of mindful breathing

Wherever you are, when that “dud-like” feeling threatens, just pause, notice, slow down and lengthen your exhalation. Let go. Receive the incredible gift of breath. Let it help you dissolve the thoughts and fears in your mind and usher you back into your heart and body.

Conscious breathing at a time like this brings us back in touch with

  • reality
  • the earth beneath our feet
  • energy of I-can in our heart

With awareness, that “dud-like” moment can give us an opportunity to transform an old habit into one that serves us better.

Here is to enjoying right-side up days,
Sharon and Nancy

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