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Today we begin with the tale of the elephant and blind men as told on the Peace Corps website.

There were six blind men arguing about what an elephant is. These six men quarreled, each believing their opinion was correct: “An elephant is a giant,” one proclaimed. Another argued, “No, it’s a gentle being since a princess can sit atop.” Another was certain an elephant was something magical. Finally, the villagers felt this disagreement needed to stop, so they escorted the six blind men to a nearby palace to visit the king’s elephants. Each man touched the elephant and became more certain of his view.

The arguments not only continued but grew louder. So loud, in fact, that they woke the Rajah from his afternoon nap.

“The elephant is a very large animal,” said the Rajah kindly. “Each man touched only one part. Perhaps if you put the parts together, you will see the truth.”

Considering this story, we invite you to take a look at a big struggle you have with another person (currently or in the past).

Our mind speaks of the struggle and how it feels. We take what we see, then rush to judgment based on the meaning we give it from our perspective. We vote on how others meet our criteria. It happens unconsciously and automatically. We decide our version of what is. Our story is only one version.

However, what if we are wrong? What if we could be flexible enough to let go of our story and truly be open? What might we see then?

View from the heart

Our heart gives us another perspective. From our hearts’ vantage point, we can soften, and begin to ask ourselves some probing questions and hear the responses.

  • How might I not be willing to see them and their concerns?

  • In what ways might I be a problem for the person?

  • How am I not caring for the well-being of our relationship?

  • What is possible when “we” both matter?

When our mind and our heart are merged together, we can sort through any of our problems, even if those troubles are as big as elephants. Honestly questioning ourselves, with a sense of curious reflection, can reveal what has been hidden from our sight.

Happiness blossoms when we relinquish our stories and reconnect heart to heart.

Create peace,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Pause, and reflect with your heart.

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