Waking Up to a Choice by Nancy

Recently, I injured my left foot. Beyond the pain it caused, I experienced great inconvenience and difficulty doing some of the most, simple tasks. I had to slow down and even eliminate some activities. I grumbled. My mental outlook caused me to think about how blasé I usually act and how I take my physical wellness for granted. I come and go as I please.

I began noticing other people with injuries and disabilities that I had not been aware of before. And I saw how being a curmudgeon was a choice, a choice I didn’t want to continue making. Having this nuisance from my injury changed my vision. It cultivated more appreciation in me.

Stepping into a grateful heart mysteriously turned night into day. Rather than consoling myself about my misfortune, I was becoming cheerful once again. My internal conversation shifted from a self-critical, complaining voice to kindness and warmth. I was happy rather than gloomy.

Here are some of my conclusions I would like to share.

Sweet gratitude is one fantastic remedy for any misery, large or small. Keep this healing balm with you always. If things aren’t going well, pause (assuredly a real help in itself), and begin experiencing gratitude.

If you feel past hope, or too far away from your heart, you can start with gratefulness for your eyes, ears, foot, hands, or any body part. Think about how you take it for granted. What would life be like without it? Allow yourself to be amazed by what it provides for you. Once you are a little more relaxed, start adding the blessings that are in your life; even ones that you might not usually think about. Truly experience your deep appreciation for each one.

The good news is: no one can be grateful and upset at the same time.

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