What a sunflower can teach us in this time

We’ll begin with an analogy drawn from the wisdom of nature. 

Image of a sunflower following the sun as metaphor for following a clear intention

Think about the magic of the giant sunflowers. They are totally amazing and beautiful, full of sensitivity and flexibility. They live their lives relating to the sun. In the morning they open their wide-eyed faces to the east and as the day progresses, they continue to turn, following the sun’s luminosity. From sunrise to sunset they are easefully and respectfully focused on their relationship with the sun.

The sunflowers have it so easy because they have a clear intention to follow the light of the sun. What clear intention can help you live through this period with relative ease? What is your sun that keeps you breathing and moving each day?

  • Is it connection to others? 
  • Is it letting go of irritation to see other people’s hearts? 
  • Is it having a nurturing routine that serves outer and inner needs? 
  • Is it faith in God or a larger intelligence?

We have an opportunity like never before in our lives. In this new normal, even though it may be temporary, we can decide

  • Who is it that I want to be? 
  • How can I be the person I’ve always aspired to be?
  • How can I let my very best self out of hiding to bathe in the sun? 

We remind you of your strength of heart and your wisdom to find your intention and follow it. We are here if you need help locating your sun.

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