What does love have to do with work?

Tess, a new supervisor, complained about the people she supervised. “If it weren’t for the people, I’d love this job,” she bemoaned. “They are adults. Don’t you think they could just do their work?”

Tess was always magical when working with adolescents. But now, working with adults, she somehow thought that love, compassion, and understanding were unnecessary.

What if the work world is a key place for us to learn the power of love and what love can create?

What does love have to do with work? Image of colleagues encouraging one another.

Each person at work is longing to be seen and valued. When we open our hearts to see and be with others, it is as if we move from merely existing in a shanty to inhabiting the castle as royalty.

As Tess started seeing and responding to the humanity of the adults she supervised, amazing changes happened. Her reports were doing what she had hoped for all along. It seemed magical. However, it was Tess’ shift of heart that made all the difference.

Leaders who put people first have an edge.

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Move from shanty thinking to castle inhabiting.

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