What if everyone were your Valentine?

Living in the US, we are bombarded with the message that February is the month of LOVE. So what is this red-heart thing we see all around wherever we look? The notion of celebrating love and friendship is so precious, we don’t want to dismiss it. In fact, anything that gets us to express our love, appreciation, and affection for partners, family and friends is great! 

And maybe we could go a step further.

Wouldn’t it be revolutionary to think that we could love everyone, not just a special few? …to put down past hurts and judgments that have built a chasm between us and others.

Rumi says it best.

Rumi quote: Go my friend; bestow your love even on your enemies; if you touch their hearts what do you think will happen?

Loving you,

RelationSmiths Nancy and Sharon

This month is the month to change a difficult relationship to one of love. Write us; we will be honored to help in the transformation.

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