What if You Could Choose Feelings Like Dinner off a Menu by Nancy

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The heat is on, feeling pressure from all sides, becoming so frustrated and angry because no one is helping and furthermore they don’t understand. Ever find yourself in this story line?

Emotions seem real, and they are; we know it is so because we feel them. Emotions are real. They might be surging; we might feel right, even righteous, about having them. However, to accept as true that someone else causes our feelings makes us as a victim, utterly powerless and without recourse.

When I personally believe that another has caused me to feel a certain way, I forget who I am, a person of great ability and capacity. That I have a strong inner core that keeps me steady and at choice in the moments of my life.

We are the one choosing how to respond to each and every situation. In every moment, we have a choice. We have that much power to choose how to respond. As we become more aware of our exchanges with others, we discover how our senses might be numb with habitual patterns we have adopted in response to people and life.

As children we did not have the cognitive thought processes to understand: I choose to feel the way I do. As adults, knowing that we are choosing is, in fact, a masterful posture to adopt. It puts us in the driver’s seat. If we have chosen to feel negative feelings that disable or drain us of our energy, we can also choose to feel positive ones that will build relationships rather than isolate and separate us from another person or situation. That is great news. We are powerful. With practice, we can change our story to a life of great vigor and vitality.

I offer you an invitation to become more conscious of your feelings for the next few days. Then consider if it is a feeling you want to foster. Perhaps with practice over time, you might even catch the moments of choice.

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